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Made the big plunge and left Melbourne and moved to Mirboo North to pursue my passion for sustainably grown food.  Hence Mirboo Pastured Poultry was born - a business involving local, ethically grown chickens,  produced with no added chemicals – such as hormones, arsenic or antibiotics.  Our whole mission is to practice farming that operates within the ecological boundaries of our property, regenerating the land & soil.


I ran my own computer business and also wanted to raise my two children in a healthier environment, where they would learn where their food came from.


Mirboo North is a small town in Gippsland situated in the picturesque Strzelecki Ranges.  Fell in love with a small property of about fifteen acres in Mirboo North.  It has gently undulating land, bisected by a small creek. It is an area with one of the highest levels of rainfall in Victoria, and has the most amazingly productive rich red volcanic soil. 

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