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Please note that the chicken we sell as “Organic Fed” is not certified organic. These chickens have been fed feed which is certified organic. The supplier is: Country Heritage Feeds.


We farm according to organic methods, meaning we do not use any artificial fertilizers, any pesticides or herbicides on our property. By feeding some of our chickens feed that is certified organic we are coming as close as possible to providing you with a chicken that is truly organic.

We are not certified yet as it involves a number of separate steps:

  • Certifying our pasture (as organic) – easy part, just have to pay an annual fee plus audit. We already comply with this requirement as we don't use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

  • Certifying the butcher we use to break up/package and label our chicken – this requires a separate audit and requires separation of our poultry from the butcher's other meats, also includes proscriptions on the ingredients used in the sausages and cleaning chemicals used on the premises.

  • Certifying the abattoir we use - this requires a separate audit and requires separation of our poultry from the abattoir's other chicken. It also includes proscriptions of the chemicals used on the premises.

  • Using only certified organic feed – this must come from a certified organic feed-mill and must have the logo and the registration number of the certificate. For the organic fed chicken we raised we have fully complied with this requirement.


We are providing this information to you in order to be transparent about what we precisely mean by “organic”.

Unfortunately, we have a competitor that has not certified their poultry meat and eggs and they freely use "organic" on their packaging with no explanation even though there is no evidence that they feed their poultry the much more expensive certified organic feed. The cost of raising a chicken is a lot lower because the feed is conventional, but they charge a much higher price.

Please note very well: There is no chicken (for meat) that is grown in Victoria that is certified organic.


The major source of organic chicken in Australia is from Queensland. There are less than a handful of other small-scale pastured-based certified-organic poultry growers in NSW and Queensland.


So if you come across any poultry meat that is for sale in Victoria that was raised in Victoria, look for the words "Certified - Organic" together, along with the logo of the certifier and the registration code of the certification. Everything else is FAKE organic. Do not waste your money.

Organic Fed Chickens

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