You can purchase day-old meat chicks directly from us. These are the white-feathered meat chickens (aka Broilers) & also day-old ISA Brown pullets. You can also purchase older chickens from us as well (broilers and ISA Browns, see link)


For the broilers: The cost is $3.20 each (inc. GST). For orders over 100 the cost is $2.85 (including GST).

For the ISA Browns: The cost is:

  • up to 5 chicks: $8.00 each 

  • 6-10 chicks: $7.50 each

  • 11-20 chicks: $7.25 each

  • 21-50 chicks: $6.90 each

  • 51-99 chicks: $6.60 each

  • For orders over 100 the cost is $6.30

(inc GST)

This is for pick up from Mirboo North, Victoria (150km South-East of Melbourne). Pick up is sometimes available in one of the following regions: Melbourne or Latrobe Valey or Mornington Peninsula or Yarra Valley. For those outside these regions you have to arrange your own transport/pick up.


  1. Chicks are only available by order.

  2. Please contact us to place an order and discuss delivery options.

  3. Generally, chicks are available monthly, and you need to order 3-5 weeks ahead of the monthly delivery date.

  4. Only if prior arrangements are made: If you are unable to pick up on the day we charge a $1 fee per chick + $0.14 per chick per day to look after them for you (or $1 per chick per week [+$1 initial fee])

  5. You cannot select the destination region. Chicks arrive via truck from interstate at any ONE of the listed regions. You have to be ready to go and meet the truck at the set time. Meaning that YOU HAVE TO BE VERY FLEXIBLE, as the notice is minimal.

Note we only sell the white-feathered meat chicks and NOT the Joyce's Gold heritage chicken.