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You can purchase day-old meat chicks directly from us. These are the white-feathered meat chickens (aka Broilers) & also day-old ISA Brown pullets. You can also purchase older chickens from us as well (broilers and ISA Browns, see link)

Order now for day olds on:

Late March 2024

For the broilers: The cost is:

  • ​up to 5 chicks: $5.00 each 

  • 6-10 chicks: $4.90 each

  • 11-20 chicks: $4.80 each

  • 21-50 chicks: $4.60 each

  • 51-99 chicks: $4.40 each

  • For orders over 100 the cost is $4.10 each



This is for pick up from Mirboo North, Victoria (150km South-East of Melbourne). Pick up is also available South-East of Cranbourne (closer to Melbourne than Mirboo North). For those outside these regions you have to arrange your own transport/pick up.

This is for pick up from Mirboo North, Victoria (150km South-East of Melbourne) or near Cranbourne.


  1. Chicks are only available by order.

  2. We are not a hatchery, we order day-olds from a hatchery.

  3. Please contact us to place an order.

  4. Generally, chicks are available monthly, and you need to order 3-5 weeks ahead of the monthly delivery date.

  5. Only if prior arrangements are made: If you are unable to pick up on the day we charge a $1.25 fee per chick + $0.20 per chick per day to look after them for you (or $1.40 per chick per week [+$1.25 initial fee])

  6. Chicks are only available on a pick-up basis. If you want chicks delivered you have arrange it yourself.


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