This business has been accredited by the Victorian Farmers' Market Association. You can be sure this stallholder grew or raised the produce they sell.

 Melbourne customers:
You can order our product PLUS a whole lot more at:
Prom Coast Collective order page. Home delivery to West/South Gippsland, Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula and the rest of regional Victoria EVERY SUNDAY & MONDAY!
Whole chickens and parts!
If you would like to order our poultry directly from us please call us ( 0438950982 ) or email: Delivery charge is around $20, and depends on the place of delivery and the value of the order. See price list. We have mobile EFTPOS facilities.
West and South Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula customers please contact us to order and arrange delivery.
May 2021 markets:
Prom Coast Collective Dates:
  • Deliveries every Sunday/Monday in March - Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula & West/South Gippsland and most of regional Victoria!!!

Nourished by fresh air, sunshine and lush green pasture.

Our passion is for fresh, local, sustainably grown food. We feel it is important to know where your food comes from, uphold humane treatment of animals and support local farmers.