On-Line orders using the
Prom Coast Food Collective

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PCFC Order Page
Call us on 0438 950 982 to put in an order for delivery
email us: orders@mirboopasturedpoultry.com.au
(include your  mobile phone number and delivery address in the email)
Product may be fresh or frozen depending on the date the chickens where processed. Fresh poultry is available for delivery when we return from the abattoir (in Keysborough - Melbourne's South-East suburbs). Please contact us to find out about where & when we deliver and the cost. The bigger the order the lower the delivery fee.
Generally(*) there is a $25 fee for orders under $100
a $15 fee for orders over $100 and less than $200
and no fee for orders over $200.
Mirboo North & district: free delivery!
* This depends on your location and the time it takes us to get to it. We reserve the right to change the fee according to the cost of making the delivery.